Night Driving: Reducing Glare Tips

With light sensitivity, night driving can be a difficult task. Headlights from traffic can really cause an incident, as well as flashing brake lights and difficulties determining contrast. These are some of the ways you can reduce the effects from glare.

For one, keep your windshield and dash as clean as you can. You don't want any dirt or smudges on your windows making it more difficult to see. You can take a microfiber cloth and Windex to clean your windows and remove streaks.

You can also adjust your speed to the reach of your headlights. This just simply means you shouldn't "overdrive" so that your headlights create obstacles against other cars.

You also want to keep your eyes moving as you drive. You don't want to focus on illuminations of your headlights or other headlights. You can watch the curves at intersections and look out for safety hazard signs.

You can also add certain coatings to your windows to help prevent glare. Ask about how you can reduce glare by visiting the service department at Caspian Auto Motors located in Stafford, VA.

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