Tips for Buying a Used Car

Used cars are one of the best ways to get the most value in a car purchase. If you don't plan to lease, buying a used car offers more benefits than buying brand new. For example, if you buy a slightly used vehicle within one to two years of its release, then you'll still get most of the same features in the latest models and cut thousands off the final price.

Used vehicles with under 30,000 miles are the best option because you can still typically take advantage of the warranties that come with new cars as well. You'll still get the maintenance plans and bumper-to-bumper warranties that are included with a new car purchase.

Used vehicles from the past five years also have a lot of technology and driver safety upgrades, like parking assist, rear view cameras, and blind spot monitoring. You can test drive a used vehicle and see the savings at Caspian Auto Motors located in Stafford, VA.

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