Is Your Ignition or Starter Failing?

Ignition switches can cause issues for a number of reasons. If your car suddenly shuts off or doesn't start at all, you could have a disconnect between the ignition switch and your battery. It could also be an issue with your key or transponder on the key. Worn out keys often have trouble turning in the ignition as well.

Manufacturer defects can often explain an ignition switch that starts failing on a new car. The ignition switch could have difficulty connecting to the fuel system as well, which may cause a car to start but then suddenly stop. Another symptom could be the starter or a dying battery.

If your car refuses to start or if lights flicker on, it could be a battery issue. A dead battery may juice up but not be able to power the alternator. Starter problems also may cause issues for your car to start properly. You can get your car checked out quickly at car parts and repair facility located in Stafford, VA.

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