Carry More Cargo in an SUV

Life happens quickly. One moment, you only need a vehicle for one or two people, and the next, you have several kids, and maybe even a cat or dog too. You need a bigger vehicle to carry more people and things, and that is why an SUV can be beneficial to you. Read on to learn more!


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Get Ready for Some Road Trip Fun

The summer family road trip is a rite of passage. Despite the availability of a wide variety of electronic devices, the classic road trip games are still always a hit with the kids. Let the road trip experts at Caspian Auto Motors in Stafford, VA help you to ensure that your vehicle is ready to go for your next adventure. Our team of friendly and professional associates is well-equipped to service your car in advance of your road trip as well as provide a myriad of useful tips designed to make your journey as comfortable and convenient as possible.


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The Importance of Detailing Your Car as Often as Possible

Keeping your car clean has many more benefits than simply providing you a cleaner looking car. The following reasons to detail your car weekly will ensure that you are going to preserve the overall value of your investment for many years to come.

  • All that dirt that is stuck to the outside of the car is easily washed away instead of it mixing with rain and acting like an abrasive to the pain surface, leaving scratches that seriously diminish the value of your vehicle.
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Reasons to Consider Buying a New Truck

The team here at Caspian Auto Motors wanted to pass along information as to why you might want to consider buying a new truck this year.

The trucks of today are built with safety in mind. Similar to automobiles, the new trucks come packed with safety features like passenger airbags and steel construction to absorb collision impact.

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Analyzing All the Pros and Cons of Tonneau Covers

The staff at Caspian Auto Motors wants to educate our audience about the good and bad points concerning getting a new Tonneau Cover over your truck bed.

One huge advantage is your stuff won't be exposed to those who might want to take it from you. Under the Tonneau Cover, your belongings are out of sight and under lock and key when your back is turned. The Tonneau Cover makes your truck more also streamlined, which in turn could boost your fuel economy.

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Watch the Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Gone are the days when we have to manually check the air pressure on your tires. All cars made after September 2007 are required to have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System installed, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. If you need more information on the TPMS and how they work, pay us a visit at Caspian Auto Motors. We can also manually check your tire’s air pressure.

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The Benefits of Buying Used Models

Our team at Caspian Auto Motors wants to make sure you can get into one of our reliable used vehicles. Our team will inspect all of the vehicles that come to our dealership, ensuring they are in the best condition before we even list them for you to see. Our variety of manufacturers can help you to find the one that meets all of your needs.

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The Correct Way to Safely Test Your Car's Battery

To test a car battery correctly, you'll need a few things like a voltmeter, work gloves, wire brush, and safety glasses. Be sure the car lights and engine are turned off, open the hood and use the wire brush to clean the terminals of the battery.

Take the red cable of the voltmeter and place on positive side of the car battery securely. Take the black cable of the voltmeter and place on negative side of the car battery securely. 

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Is Your Ignition or Starter Failing?

Ignition switches can cause issues for a number of reasons. If your car suddenly shuts off or doesn't start at all, you could have a disconnect between the ignition switch and your battery. It could also be an issue with your key or transponder on the key. Worn out keys often have trouble turning in the ignition as well.

Manufacturer defects can often explain an ignition switch that starts failing on a new car. The ignition switch could have difficulty connecting to the fuel system as well, which may cause a car to start but then suddenly stop. Another…

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